Minted out. 0ver 100eth traded volume on Opensea. 1st Dual Faced NFT. 2nd ERC5050 NFT. ↓ More Info ↓
This is what INWILL will look like on Opensea
I want to download my INWILL

To download your INWILL GIF, mp4, or image click Here You will be directed to files where you can navigate and search for ure ID then right-click-copy the GIF/Image and mp4 has a download button. If your ID is not shown please email us at or DM us on Twitter.

Why is INWILL special?

INWILLs are the 1st dual faced NFTs, they have a GIF of the perverted activity but once you click play, the Animation will play the actual activity. Minted using the ERC5050 contract.

WTF is ERC5050?

ERC5050 is a gambling mint using ERC721A (First used by CopeBears), 50% chance of minting completely free. If you hit the chance the ETH will instantely get refunded back to YOUR wallet but you still get the INWILL(s) you minted.

Contact & About Us

This is a fun little project, made by an ANON team of 2. If you would like to collaborate, want an honorary INWILL, have any suggestions about what we should do or even have a project you have in mind feel free to contact us by email or DM us on Twitter.